Human Rights, Humanitarian Protection and Civil Society / part III

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IMG_2372-e1442401958558-1024x571On 3 till 6 of April 2015, the Scandinavian Institution for Human Rights SIHR organized the third part of the training course: (human rights, humanitarian protection and civil society). A number of professional trainers in this field have overseen this training course as like as: Dr. Mohammad Amin Medani (law professor and founder of the Arab Program in Rene Institute Cassin in Strasbourg) and Dr. Haytham Manna (Chairman of SIHR). Many activists participated in this course and they came from multiple countries (Syria, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Germany, France, Egypt, Belgium, Hungary and Switzerland in purpose of taking an advantage of this session. Attendants’ number was 30 participants. During the two days of the course, the programme addressed the following topics:

Day one:

An introduction to the workshop topics, and introduce participants and organizers to each others

Basic introductions in social and economic rights

Economic and social rights between theory and practice

Cultural rights and its difficulties

Day two:

Human Rights between global and cultural specificities

The future of economic, social and cultural rights within the institutions and the charters of the United Nations.

Review and assessment of the first and second parts of the course

Reviews on lectures Addressed by Dr. Medani and Dr. Manna in the past three parts of the course

Mutual questions and answers between trainees and trainers

A lecture on the future of the political solution in Syria

Graduation of participants of part three

As the previous parts of this training, the overall atmosphere was characterized by good interactive with the training topics, in addition to full commitment to attend. It was noted that participants were always ready for discussion and making questions, driven by their earnest reviewing the subjects of the previous two parts. Friendly responding, between trainers and trainees during the course debates, is one another characteristic it was noted.

Communication between participants continues via e-mail and via Facebook’s closed group they have founded in purpose of better communication between them.

SIHR will organizes the fourth part of this series after the holy month of Ramadan at a date in line with practical applications in the Human Rights Council, and to visit the institutions which involve in protection of refugees, the International Red Cross, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Note that more than a workshop will be organized by SIHR in cooperation with the competent bodies during the intersessional period.