Ahrar Al-Sham

BaQD0iIIgAALWJe.jpg largeHuman rights organizations consider that there is no notable differences in theory and practice between Al-Nusra Front and Ahrar Al-Sham.

The coordination between the two is based on full swing and also the joint operations exceed 80% of the total number of operations.

There is one difference that the proportion of foreign fighters in Ahrar al-Sham is lower than Al-Qaeda, and also that Ahrar Al-Sham has a good relations with the British, French, American and Qatari intelligences and tried to has a relation also with Saudi Arabia since the death of King Abdullah. Which means, it has been granted support and protection, and also allows it to get the aid  of the some Gulf  governments .

Report prepared by the research team at the Institute who works on Terrorism and Human Rights.

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the translation of the whole report to English Would be done.