An intensive training course in the UAE

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IMG_0544-1024x765The Scandinavian institute for Human Rights SIHR and the Emirates Association for human rights EAHR organized a constitutive course about: human rights, humanitarian law and building human rights associations. The course was held in Dubai city between 11-19 April-2015. Dr. Mohammad Amin Miedani (law professor and founder of the Arab Programme In Rene Cassin Institute in Strasbourg), Dr. Haytham Manna (Chairman of the Scandinavian Institute for Human Rights) and Dr. Liqaa Abu Ajeeb (SIHR) all have oversaw this training course. Members of EAHR and a number of civil society activists have participated in this training course to take an advantage of it. Attendance outnumbered 30 participant men and women. Session programme addressed the following topics:

Day one:

An entrance: the goal of this training and the adopted method.

Introduce participants and organizers to each others.

Main lecture: Rights and citizenship in history, philosophy and human cultures

Day Two:

Basic Concepts of Human Rights

What is the meaning of international law for protecting human rights

Day Three:

International contractual mechanisms to protect human rights

International non-contractual mechanisms to protect human rights

The international system and regional systems

– European human rights system

– American human rights system

– African human rights system

– Arab human rights instruments

Day four:

Economic and social rights

The general methodology for writing human rights reports: The Method, form, content and wording

A glance about Universal Periodic Report UPR

Day five:

Following-up human rights reports

Cultural rights

Human Rights between global and cultural specificities

Day six:

Competent bodies and its areas of competence

Non-governmental organizations – semi governmental organizations -governmental organization

Islam and Human Rights

Day seven:

Terrorism and Human Rights

The rights of people in situations of armed conflict

Day eight:

Regional and international intervention

Organizing media campaigns

Prevent torture and struggling against it.

Covenants: possibilities of accountability and rehabilitation

Day nine:

Pressure groups and means of communication with governmental and among the non-governmental

International regional conventions: preparing, approval process and its real effect

The course programme was ended in 04/18/2015 by a lecture about experience in human rights and means to deal with states and international institutions. Then, Mr. Mohammed Salem Al Kaabi, the President of the Emirates Association for Human Rights, along with Dr. Haythaam Manna, the chairman of the Scandinavian Institute for Human Rights, handed Certificates of Achievement to the participants. Also, EAHR presented a Thanks-card to the trainers.

The overall atmosphere of the training was positive and interactive with the topics in addition to good commitment and full of presence. Responsiveness between trainers and trainees in terms of the debate and to respond to questions was also good and positive. it was noted thirst and desire among participants to learn more of the basics of threads that have been selected, particularly the issues that related directly with the ongoing regional and international events and situations, especially: the subjects of human rights and international humanitarian law in the conflict areas, reports of international organizations and the extent of its objectivity and impartiality, forms of employment the human rights during the geopolitical conflicts, the relationship between Islam and human rights, and at last: the human rights perspective for confronting the phenomena of extremism, terrorism and blind violence, in addition to effectiveness and feasibility of various United Nations organizations. It could be argued that this session has been characterized by high transparency and the absence of prohibited topics or taboos, therefore the training course has discussed and exposed examples from local, regional and international in full freedom of discussion, in addition to follow-up and a common interest between trainers and trainees. The Scandinavian Institute for Human Rights presented basic and most important human rights books- in Arabic- as a gift to the association library. In its turn, the Emirates Association for Human Rights presents a Shield of Appreciation & Thanks to the Scandinavian Institute for Human Rights.

It is expected to organize another several advanced and specialized training courses to meet the ambition of the Emirates Association for Human Rights to form high-level cadres, not only at the local and regional levels, but also at the international ones. After this successful experience, SIHR pledged to provide trainings, in future, in presence of finest specialists and international experts whether in the HQ of SIHR in Geneva or in the United Arab Emirates.