Human Rights, the International protection and The Civil Society Part /II/

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DSC00813-1024x5761The SIHR organised the second part of the the training course on (Human Rights, the International protection and The Civil Society) on 12-14 December 2014 in presence of a group of specialists, Dr. Mohammad Amin Al-Midani (law professor and the founder of the Arab Program in the René Cassin Institute in Strasbourg), Dr. Haytham Manna (the Head of SIHR), Mona Rishmawi (Head of the Department of the rule of law and non-discrimination in the HCHR), Professor Ilkka Oossitelo (former official of freign affairs of the European Union,an expert of an initiative of crisis management organisation)
Mr. Faraj Fneish (The Head of the MENA in the HCHR), Dr. LiKaa Abujaeeb (SIHR)
And a group of trainees from (Syria, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Germany, France, Belgium) to take advantage of this training course, where the number of trainees reached 30 participants.

The program:

The First Day:

The Global criminal jurisdiction

The International Criminal Court (ICT)

The mechanisms of the Regional prosecution of violations of human rights

The Second Day:

International contractual mechanisms to protect human rights

Non- International contractual mechanisms to protect human rights

Prevention of Torture and resist it, the punishment and the rehabilitation possibilities

The European Union and the Human Rights: The Syrian case as model

The Third Day:

The general methodology for writing the human rights reports

The Lobby Groups and the means of the communication with governmental and among the Non-governmental ones

Public debate

The training course characterized of good interaction and quality, commitment and full of presence, and also the geniality between trainers and trainees in terms of the debate and to respond to questions.

The training course was concluded on 12.14.2014 by hand over 28 participants a certificate of attendance the second part.

The Communication between the participants is continuing via email, via a private group and via blog which is made especially on SIHR’s website to respond to their questions, enhance the knowledge of the all and determine the final program for the third section.

The SIHR organizes the third Section of these series on 3 April 2015