Human rights theory and practice

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LIKAA 356On Saturday and sunday 12th and 13th of December 2015, the Institute joined the GNRD and SIHR to organize training on Human Rights in French.

Dedicated to the memory of Mrs Anne-Marie Lizin, Dr. Haytham MANNA opened the training by remembering  the brilliant career of this determined woman, committed and activist on women’s rights.

In front of about fifteen participants, he retraced her path and he reaffirmed her convictions before discussing their common path to the cause of human rights.

After this tribute, the group from different backgrounds, discovered the fundamental themes that prelude to the concepts of human rights. The explanations were given by Dr. Haytham Manna and then left the floor to Professor Amin AL-MIDANI of the University of Strasbourg.

The prof. Amin Al-Midani decorticated the subject about the UN and regional mechanisms of Human Rights for its highly attentive listeners. A brilliant presentation that opened many questions and comments from participants who went from discovery to discovery.

The seminar then continued with Cordula Droege Mrs, Head of Unit, Legal Advisers of the ICRC Operations. Here the fundamentals of Humanitarian Law and crisis management were explained to a very attentive and responsive public.
The final topic was about the role of lobbying. It has aroused great interest from the audience and many discussions.
At the end, this seminar ended too quickly in the words of the participants, all waiting impatiently, a future session.