The Renaissance: between pessimism of the reason and optimism of the will

HussThe knowledge in his body’s cells such as blood circulation, his efforts and his writings are only focused to discover new capacities, while making “Al-Ahali (Editions led by him)” a warm house for each researcher, writer and poet. The professor of many generations of journalists and writers who has released many figures and capacities whom surround us and we are proud of. He has considered the right of knowledge and the freedom of the expression as the basic to end the cultural and political desertification, and also has the dreame of new renaissance which was become a reality in the minds of young people whom admire him and being admired by him.

In the mourning of Hussein ALOUDAT, the most important senior advisor of SIHR who is activist, researcher, journalist and publisher, the SIHR organizes a special seminar in honor of a stature in defense of humanity, democracy and civil in Syria and the region, in presence of many intellectuals and researchers.

The seminar would be held at SIHR-Geneva on 14-15 May 2016